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Birthday dinner

 Justina P, June 2019

Chef Carlisha, her husband and team were absolutely fabulous! She came to our radio station WEAA 88.9 FM where I’m the Producer for Today with Dr. Kaye and said she has the best crab cakes. She was right!! My radio host Dr. Kaye and our guest co-host Anthony McCarthy, the Dean of the school loved crab cakes and the salmon. We had only planned to interview her for 10-15 minutes. We ended up interviewing her for the remainder of the show which was a little an hour. A day or two after Chef Carlisha left, I contacted her. I needed food for my boyfriend’s birthday OC beach getaway and she didn’t disappoint. We received the food and pulled over to eat some. We could not wait. Sorry there are no pretty pictures because we couldn’t wait. Chef Carlisha is definitely my go to Chef. I highly recommend Chef Carlisha for any occasion.

Repass Service

Karen Moon, June 2019

AAA RATINGS! I didn't have it worry about anything. My guess were impressed with the food and presentation. I will use Vital Nutrients for ALL my catering needs!

Graduation Party

Melissa R, June 2019

I loved working with Vital Nutrients INC. They were extremely professional and the food was absolutely delicious...

Family Gathering 

Itasha T, March 2019

Chef Carlisha is an amazing cook and she always exceeds my expectations for any dish she creates!! No matter the occasion she aces it with her stellar skill in the kitchen. She is known for putting a spin on the most simple dishes bringing out more flavor in a healthy way....One of the things I love the most about Chef Carlisha is her ability to make vegan food taste extremely amazing, therefore transitioning away from meat is easy if she cooks for you!!! I have had no disappointments with Chef Carlisha over the past 10 years!!! Definitely a master at work and she is very sanitary !!

Baby Shower

Sharee W, March 2019

My experience with meals from Chef Vital has been nothing short of delectable! The food is so delicious you want to slop it down, but you also want to savor every bite! A favorite would have to be blackened salmon with risotto! Nothing in Baltimore can match it!

Engagement Party

                             Tami S, March 2019

The best chef! food always on point flavors keep you wanting more:-) sauces made from scratch are amazing, fresh ingredients always used, you are going to keep many belly's full and people happy😍

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