About the Chef 

From the age of 4 my love for cooking has literally stuck with me in my adult years. At 4 years old I remember going to the stove and attempting to fry some chicken, I know crazy! The last thing I remember is me screaming so loud I woke the entire apartment in serve pain and my mom had to rush my to the hospital. Luckily I didn't have any long lasting problems except my love for food.

Fast forward to 1998 a freshman in high school trying to determine what will I do with my future? I turned to my local vocational school and decided that I will take full advantage of what the school had to offer and I enrolled in the Culinary program and learned some of the basic skills. It's now 2002 and I'm a senior thinking to myself what do I do next with my life?

I was so inspired by Emeril Lagasse that I decided to enroll at Johnson and Wales University. This was one the best decisions I ever made! 2017 I am now a mom of 3 and a wife another great decision of mine. My husband has inspired me to pursue my dream even further and decided now it's time to open our catering business and a cafe all in the same year! Crazy huh?!

Fast forward 2019 we have Vital Nutrients up and running. The adventures have been amazing. I have never been happier and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

It all began at the age of 4 in my Momma's kitchen....

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